American Visa: what factors influence its obtaining?


The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world with a rich history, stunning nature and modern technologies. It is rightly recognized as one of the best countries for travel.

America has absolutely everything: a variety of attractions and activities to suit every taste and budget, perfect infrastructure and transportation accessibility, delicious food and incredible nature. Here you will encounter otherworldly landscapes of Arizona and Utah canyons, tropical forests and swamps of Florida, majestic mountains and high-altitude lakes of the Sierra Nevada, gigantic sequoias of California and geysers of Yellowstone.

Hardly anyone doesn’t dream of personally seeing these incredible places at least once in their life. But there is one difficulty on the path to this dream – the process of obtaining an American visa, which largely depends on the outcome of the interview at the consulate.

“What are my chances?” – one of the most popular questions from those who are applying for an American visa for the first time.

Obtaining a visa to the United States is a lengthy process, and every applicant wishes that efforts culminate in a stamp in the passport. Visa center services, as well as the correct package of documents and confidence during the interview at the consulate, can probably increase the chances. But the main thing is to remember the important factors that influence obtaining an American visa.

Factors that influence obtaining a visa to the United States

  • Lack of compelling reasons to return to one’s home country
    The main factors that can ensure your return to the home country are owning property, having elderly parents, young children or a spouse. The fewer pieces of evidence demonstrating ties to one’s home country provided when applying for a visa, the lower the chances of obtaining it.
  • A “clean” passport
    Employees at the American Consulate do not appreciate it when a trip to their country is the first on the list of travels in your life. Previous travel experience, particularly to countries that are friendly towards the United States, confirms your financial stability. The more visas you have in your passport, the better.
  • Violation of the US visa regime during previous trips
    If you have previously violated US immigration law, your chances of obtaining a new visa are very low. In this case, at least two years must pass since the violation, you must have compelling reasons to return to the USA and enough money in your bank account. Another way to increase your chances is to apply for a visa in a different category (for example, to study, by obtaining an “F” visa).
  • Invitation from an American
    Official invitation from a US citizen (preferably with an excellent reputation and credit history in America) increases your chances and gives a significant advantage when applying for a visa.
  • Close relatives in the USA
    American authorities have long been creating barriers for people who want to stay in the USA simply because they have relatives there. The presence of a close relative in the USA often raises concerns for immigration services and is often the reason for refusal to obtain a tourist visa.
  • A sufficient amount of money in a bank account
    US consulate employees must be confident that you have enough funds to live in the USA during the period specified by you. The more money you have, the higher your chances of getting a US visa. If you have loans, it is important to remember that their mere presence cannot be grounds for visa denial as long as there are no court decisions regarding the debts.
  • Criminal records
    If you have been previously convicted or served a sentence, the chances of obtaining a tourist visa are low. In any case, it all depends on the length of time since the conviction and the severity of the offense.
  • Serious illnesses
    If consular officers determine (based on certain criteria) that you are traveling to the United States for medical treatment, they will most likely deny a tourist visa for you. There are special programs available for such purposes, and it is necessary to prove that you have a specific clinic waiting for you and the means for treatment.
  • Alimony and Custody
    If you are divorced and your child does not live with you, there is a chance of being denied a visa. In the case of your attempts to stay in the United States, your child may be left without a parent, and the American authorities take this very seriously.

If you want to minimize the risk of visa denial, contact The Visa Services specialists. We not only increase your chances of obtaining a visa, but also help you get a visa within six months, three months or two to three weeks, depending on the urgency (if you apply on your own, there is a possibility that you will only be scheduled for 2025).

The simplified application process through The Visa Services takes into account all individual applicant’s needs and allows you to go through the entire procedure without any problems.

Application for a visa to the United States is not possible without the following documents:

  • Passport valid for at least one year from the date of application registration
  • Copy of the previous US visa (if applicable)
  • Photograph 5 x 5 cm on a white background (taken no more than 3 months ago)
  • Additional documents depending on the individual characteristics of your profile.

The process of applying for a visa to the United States

  • Initial free consultation
    We will discuss your request in detail, explain the application process and review your documents. If you decide to use the assistance of our specialists, there will be a fee for the company’s services.
  • Document preparation and appointment scheduling
    At this stage you prepare and submit all the necessary documents to the manager. After that we schedule an appointment for you.
  • Preparation for the Interview
    Our experts will inform you about possible questions that you may hear at the consulate and suggest optimal answers to them.
  • Interview
    On the appointed day you will need to visit the consulate with a package of documents prepared by our specialists.
  • Visa decision
    You won’t have to wait long for the interview results – you will receive a decision immediately after the interview is concluded.
  • Receiving of passport
    In 4-5 days after the interview you will be able to collect your passport at the post office or at the specified address (upon request).

With The Visa Services you can forget about long waits, and the American dream will become a reality in no time. Even if your departure is just around the corner, our VIP service guarantees that you have your interview just three weeks after submitting your application.

Have you been wanting to visit America for a long time? Don’t postpone your dream – contact us today and get qualified assistance from The Visa Services team. We will quickly process your application for an American visa and relieve you of stress, allowing you to have time and energy for the pleasant anticipation of your trip!


Q: How long can I stay in the United States with a tourist visa?

A: The duration of stay with a B1/ B2 visa is up to six months. To extend the stay, you will need to submit an application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Q: Last year I was denied a US visa. Is it worth applying for an American visa again?

A: A denial does not mean that you cannot reapply. Consult our specialists, they will look into all the possible reasons for the previous denial and prepare a package of documents in such a way that the consulate would have no chances to deny you a visa again.

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