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We provide a complete solution for your accounting needs - minimizing effort and maximizing productivity. Entrust your financial bookkeeping to our experts and concentrate on growing your business with us!

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Online Bookkeeping Services

  • Efficient Online Solution: Simplifies accounting report creation, avoiding traditional hiring hassles.
  • Legislation Compliance: Automatically updates reports with UAE’s latest legal requirements, no need for you to track changes.
  • Instant Report Generation: Ensures timely submissions, avoiding penalties.
  • High Accuracy: Reports crafted from detailed financial data for precision.
  • Cost Savings: More economical than employing an in-house accountant.


Accounting Service Pricing

Easy Plan

  • Accounting: Up to 100 monthly transactions, financial statements, and invoice prep. Manages fixed assets for up to 3 units.
  • Employee Management: For up to 3 employees.
  • Tax: VAT and Corporate Tax reports.


Premium Accounting Package

Includes Everything in the ‘Easy’ Plan Plus:
  • Accounting: Premium services, up to 200 transactions, and fixed asset management for up to 10 units.
  • Employee Management: WPS Registration, payroll, and vacation for up to 15 employees.
  • Tax: Comprehensive VAT and Excise Duty services, including TRN assistance.
  • Accounting for Additional Employees: AED 80/employee/month over 15.
  • Extra Fixed Assets: AED 150/unit/month over 10 units.


VIP Accounting Package

Approach: Tailored individual service.
Pricing: Determined based on specific client requirements.

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