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UAE Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account in the UAE is an important and wise step that offers a range of advantages. We provide support in bank account opening for both individuals and legal entities.

With our assistance you can open an account in any of the major UAE banks, but most often we work with the following banks:

  • Emirates NBD (Emirates National Bank of Dubai)
  • RAKBank (Ras Al Khaimah Bank)
  • Mashreq Bank
  • CBD (Commercial Bank of Dubai)
  • ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank)

Our experience and understanding of the UAE banking system will help you choose the best option and open an account in the shortest possible time.

We work even with complicated cases and guarantee account opening even after previous refusal by another bank. One of our main advantages is the ability to open accounts for citizens of countries that are under sanctions (for example, Russia or Iran). We also provide services for opening bank accounts for companies with regulated activities, as well as for sectors under special supervision (for example, wholesale trade).

Currently the number of people who want to have an account in one of the largest banks in Dubai is rapidly increasing. For this reason bank employees thoroughly verify the source of funds of potential customers, so the procedure can take at least three to four months if you apply independently. Many banks also offer additional services and ensure that the minimum balance of the account is not less than 200,000 dirhams.

Thanks to The Visa Services procedure of account opening will be much faster and most importantly, will not demand your delving into complex issues and nuances.

We Provide the Following Services:

  • Corporate Bank Account Opening
    We guarantee to open corporate bank accounts within four weeks without fixed deposit and with minimum documents. This service is available for companies operating in any field, even in case of previous refusal in other banks.
  • Urgent Corporate Bank Account Opening
    For those who value every minute: your account will be opened within just two weeks from the moment of application. This offer is only available for a limited list of free zones.

You also won’t have to worry about the possible account blocking. Today the UAE state policy is aimed to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world. If there are no suspicious transactions in your business, and the business itself is not subject to sanctions, you will be able to open a bank account easily and use it for many years.

  • Personal Bank Account Opening
    Guaranteed bank account opening even in the most challenging situations and after refusal in other banks. The service is provided based on a minimal package of documents.
  • Individual Consultation
    Recommendations from our specialists for choosing a bank in accordance with your financial goals and needs.
  • Effective Document Processing
    We take care of all the paperwork and guarantee that all documents will be properly prepared. Quick processing of the document package and prompt resolution of all formalities allow us to open an account within a period from two to four weeks.
  • Negotiation With Banks
    Reliable partnership with leading banks in the UAE allows us to negotiate on your behalf and achieve the best agreements.
  • Complete Support And Follow-Up Services
    Support of our specialists at every stage of the process, from submitting the initial inquiry to successful opening of a bank account. And even when the service is provided we stay in touch and do everything to ensure that your experience with the bank is positive.

Opening a bank account in the UAE is far from a simple process. Leave the negotiations with banks and the routine paperwork to us. All you need to do is provide the requested information and documents. Contact us today and get information about our services for opening a bank account in the UAE.


Q: Can I transfer money from a Russian account considering the sanctions?

A: The UAE banks accept transfers from non-sanctioned Russian banks. In some cases the only way is to involve intermediaries. We recommend contacting us by phone for more detailed information.

Q: Can I additionally get a credit card when opening an account?

A: Yes! Banks offer a wide range of cards with various bonuses and the ability to accumulate miles.

Q: Do I need confirmation of the origin of funds when transferring from another bank?

A: You can make a transfer from any non-sanctioned bank to both personal and corporate accounts. When it comes to a personal account, the likelihood of receiving a request for the origin of funds will depend on several factors (such as the transfer amount or the bank from which the transfer will be made). As for a corporate account, there are usually no issues. However, in some cases banks may ask for a contract between companies.

Q: In what currencies can I open an account?

A: Accounts are most often opened in dirhams or US dollars. Euros, yuan, british pounds and francs are also available.

Q: Is there a limit on account replenishment by cash when opening/ using it further?

A: It all depends on the type of account. You can deposit up to 500,000 dirhams per month into a company account without any documents. But if you need to deposit a larger amount, be ready to provide documents on the source of funds.

Q: Will I have to visit the bank personally if I open an account via your company?

A: Yes, you will definitely need to visit the bank personally at least once. However, you can easily order courier delivery when receiving the card and checkbook.

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