American Dream: preparing for a B1/B2 visa interview


Traditional Europe with its heritage, Mysterious Asia with its old traditions, secluded islands in the middle of the vast ocean or exotic countries – almost the entire world is open to tourists today.

But the United States of America annually attract special attention from travelers. And it is not surprising: the main feature of the States is their diversity. Fans of active recreation and surfing can catch a wave in Hawaii. Here there are all conditions for a beloved hobby – hot weather all year round and waves of unprecedented size.

Car travel enthusiasts like to start their road trip in Los Angeles, from where they can quickly reach the most diverse points in the USA: wine valley in Santa Barbara, cities of modern architecture like San Francisco, Texas deserts, canyons and the famous “Silicon Valley”.

Lazy tourists experience real delight in Miami – a place where one can relax all day long under the scorching sun without thinking about problems and business.

And of course, New York City – the city of skyscrapers, the center of the world economy and finance. The most successful and wealthy people in America live here. The rhythm and energy of this city captivate every tourist from the first seconds.

Yes, there is definitely a lot to see in the USA. Today many people can visit the center of the global community, it is enough to have a B1 visa (business visa) or B2 visa (tourist visa). The main challenge for future travelers when obtaining a visa is an interview at the consulate. And it’s not surprising because the results of this interview determine whether you finally receive your long-awaited tiket to the dream.

Is it worth worrying about the consulate interview? No, if you prepare for it in advance. And we are ready to tell you what questions you will have to answer and, most importantly, how to answer them so that the consul does not have any doubts.

May I have your passport?

Remember: the consul conducts a huge number of interviews daily. Spending even a few minutes searching for your passport is highly likely to cause a negative reaction, and therefore, you risk not to receive a positive decision. It is better to keep the document ready and hand it over to the consul without delay as soon as it is required.

Why do you want to go to the USA?

Ideally, you should clearly state the purpose of your trip, whether it is a visit to Disneyland, a conference or a long-awaited meeting with a loved one. In the latter case the consul may have concerns that you might want to stay in the United States. Therefore, think in advance about compelling reasons for your return home. And do not even think about making things up – any attempts to deceive will definitely not go unnoticed.

How long do you plan to stay in the United States?

It is better to know the answer to this question in advance. Whether it’s a week, a couple of weeks or several months, state the duration as accurately as possible.

Where do you plan to stay?

Be ready to provide the name and location of the hotel. If you plan to stay with relatives or friends, explain who they are and what is your relationship with them. Also tell about your travel plans and plans to return to your home country.

When was your last time in the USA?

If you have been to the States before and have not violated the visa expiration dates – great! This gives the consul more reasons to trust you, and therefore increases your chances of getting a visa.
Be ready to go deep in details as the consul may ask more about your previous trips: where and how long you stayed, what you did and so on.

Who is paying for your trip?

If you are fully paying for the trip yourself, be ready to confirm this. For example, show a statement from your bank account. It is important for the consul to see that you can afford such a trip.

Of course, these are not all the questions that may be asked during the interview at the consulate. But The Visa Services specialists know all the intricacies of obtaining an American B1/ B2 visa. We regularly update the list of possible questions and go through each of them with the client. And this gives every chance of obtaining a “ticket” to the American dream.

Tips for a successful interview

It is important to know all possible interview questions in advance and think about the most appropriate answers to them. However, it is no less important to follow certain rules when you are at the consulate. We share our recommendations for a successful interview:

  • pay attention to your appearance. As cliche as it may sound, first impressions play a significant role;
  • come to the consulate 15 minutes before the appointed time. If you are applying for a visa in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, be prepared to face a long queue – all interviews here are scheduled for early morning. Your stay at the consulate can last up to 2-3 hours, so try not to plan any important matters immediately after the interview in order to avoid getting nervous and distracted;
  • try to abstract yourself from what is happening around you. Paying close attention to the nervous behavior of others or their reactions in case of refusal is unlikely to benefit you. Remember that each case is individual, you have every chance of obtaining a visa, and the consul’s decision will be based solely on your specific situation and document package;
  • do not get nervous or at least try not to show that you are nervous. Look the consul in the eye. Answer the questions confidently;
  • try to answer the questions briefly (if possible). Answer only the question that was asked. After answering a question, do not give unnecessary explanations;
  • be honest. If your spouse/ girlfriend/ boyfriend permanently lives in America – mention it. Remember: all the information you provide during the consulate interview and when crossing the American border is stored for a long time. Therefore, in case the false information is discovered, you risk losing the opportunity to obtain a visa or permanent resident status in the USA in future.

Dreams tend to come true! So if you’ve long wanted to visit the USA, you have every chance. Especially when you know what to expect from an interview with a consul and how to prepare for it.
It’s time to plan your long-awaited trip and seek help from our specialists for professional assistance!


Q: I provided all the documents, tickets and a hotel accommodation voucher. I behaved confidently during the interview and answered the questions quickly and clearly. What could be the reason for a visa refusal?

A: One of the most common reasons for being denied a US visa is the inability to demonstrate strong ties to the country of residence (e.g., no family/ children in your home country, not studying at a university or not being an office employee of any company). Your uncertainty in answering questions can also be a reason for refusal. And there is also a human factor such as the level of trust the consul has towards you or his mood at the moment of decision.

Q: Is an invitation necessary to obtain a US visa?

A: No, invitation is not a mandatory requirement.

Q: How long does the interview last?

A: The interview lasts only a few minutes. The more confidently you answer the consul’s questions, the faster you will be released with a positive response.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a visa?

A: Typically, the visa issuance takes several days after the interview. If you have been denied during the interview due to the need for further consideration, it may take up to 60 days to reach a final decision.


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