From Dubai to France. Roland Garros. Heading to the Main Tennis Event of the Year


The Roland Garros 2024 tournament, one of the most anticipated events of the year for fans of tennis, will start soon. One of the largest sport events gathers on the famous courts of Paris the best tennis players in the world who are eager to compete for the title of champion.

Tennis fans are already making predictions about what the upcoming Roland Garros 2024 tournament will be like. But one thing is for sure, the participants and guests of the tournament can expect unforgettable emotions. The noise of the crowd, shouts and tension – all creates a unique energy and makes the hearts of fans stop with each racket stroke.

The tournament will undoubtedly be the most memorable event for those who follow professional tennis. Here will gather not only athletes, but also legends whose names have forever entered the history of this sport. And very soon the name of the tournament in 2024 winner will be clear.

Heading to the Homeland of Roland Garros in France

Every year the tournament takes place on the clay courts of the eponymous stadium. The first games in the history of the tournament were held in 1891 at the sports society of the island of Puteaux and were played on grass courts.

The venue changed many times after 1894, and from 1892 to 1907 games were even played on sand courts.

In 1925 the competition was recognized by the International Tennis Federation as a major tournament, and since 1928 the games have been held at the world-famous Roland Garros stadium, one of the most recognizable places in global sports.

Roland Garros is considered one of the most competitive and challenging tennis tournaments on the calendar. The French Open is a Grand Slam tournament for both the ATP and WTA and traditionally takes place at the end of spring. This year the games will be held from May 26 to June 9 on the clay courts of Paris, with men’s, women’s and mixed doubles competing in the tournament.

Tips for Visiting France during the Roland Garros Tournament

If you are planning to attend the matches of the tournament in France, be sure to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • It is better to purchase tickets for the event in advance, as they sell out very quickly. You can do this on the official tournament website, where you can also buy tickets for the qualifying matches of the opening week.
  • The best places to stay during the tournament are in the Parisian right-bank districts of Boulogne-Billancourt and Oteuil. Do you want to stay close to the stadium and at the same time enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the high-class hotels? Then choose Molitor Paris (MGallery Hotel Collection), Quinzerie hotel or HotelHome Paris 16.
  • If you plan to get to the Roland Garros stadium by car or taxi, remember that there are almost no public transport stops nearby. You will have to leave your car in one of the recommended parking lots and walk to the stadium. The same applies when taking a taxi: dropping off people on the roads around the stadium is strictly prohibited.

Planning a Trip to the Roland Garros Tournament in France

The Roland Garros tournament is the main event for all fans of professional tennis. Not only athletes but also legends whose names are inscribed in the history of this captivating sport gather on the main courts of Paris. Spectators can expect exciting matches and the most emotional moments. Each participant in the competition strives to do their best to win and earn the recognition of the audience and the sports community.

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