Shopping in Europe: Embarking on a Quest for the Latest Fashion Collections


In summer European resorts allure tourists with magnificent landscapes, azure coasts and picturesque beaches. Why not spice up this pastime with shopping trips in search of exclusive items from the latest haute couture collections? After all, during summer many cities in Europe turn into real treasure troves for fashion and style enthusiasts.

The Best European Countries for Shopping

If you love fashion, keep up with trends and never miss an opportunity to add exclusive items to your collection, confidently head to one of the three most popular countries in Europe among shopaholics:


Paris has always been a special place for shopping. Take, for example, Ravioli Street – the largest shopping street with hundreds of big stores and small boutiques. And Cambon Street has long become a world legend – here more than a century ago Coco Chanel opened a store and ushered in a new era of fashion.

The largest shopping village in France, La Vallee Village, is located in Paris, not far from Disneyland. Here you can find over 120 boutiques, and after a shopping spree you can have dinner at one of the local restaurants with exquisite French cuisine. By the way, you can shop here lightly – all purchases will be delivered by a personal concierge.

For prestigious brands, plan to visit Faubourg Saint-Honore or the Galerie Lafayette square, while for antiques and unique items the Saint-Ouen flea market is the place to go. In addition to clothes, it is simply essential to bring back perfume from France. Native French women are known for their love of scents, so here you can find perfumes to suit any taste. Paris is home to both world-famous perfume houses and small boutiques of niche perfumes with an entire street dedicated to them – Rue Grenelle.

If you plan shopping in Paris, remember that most boutiques are open from 10 am to 7 pm, and on Sundays a large number of shops are closed.


The only place where you can go specifically for shopping and not worry about combining shopping with leisure is Italy.

The most famous place for shopping in the country is Milan: here you can find boutiques of all famous fashion houses. Global brands with discounts, beautiful boulevards between the boutiques and delicious Italian cuisine – that’s what a perfect day of shopping in Italy looks like.

In Milan shopping enthusiasts can’t pass by the “Fashion Square” – a pedestrian zone with boutiques where exclusively designer items are sold. It is also worth heading to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and taking a stroll through the quarter of Montenapoleone, Spiga, Manzoni and Sant’Andrea streets – that’s where a real paradise for fashion connoisseurs can be found.


Madrid and Barcelona have long earned a reputation as cities perfect for vibrant summer getaways. Shopping in one of the largest Spanish cities is an excellent way to spend time after a beach vacation.

Not far from Madrid is Las Rozas Village, where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories to suit any taste. It is also worth visiting the districts of Salamanca, Gran Via, Fuencarral and Arguelles. And if you want to add to your antique collection, be sure to check out El Rastro and Los Preciados la Sal. By the way, Madrid always opens the sales seasons in Spain.

Near Barcelona, on the way to the hot beaches of Costa Brava, is the shopping village called La Roca, resembling a miniature classic Catalan town. Here everything corresponds to the cozy atmosphere of the south, and you can make purchases in any of the 160 boutiques built in traditional Spanish style.

Where else to go shopping in Europe?


Although this country is not an obvious destination for European shopping, it has one little secret: if you embark on a road trip from Cologne to Frankfurt, you can stop by Wertheim Village – a place that houses over 110 boutiques of global brands in one territory. The second most popular shopping option in Germany is the small town of Ingolstadt, which is perfect for those who are not willing to spend too much time shopping. Here you can visit all the boutiques and purchase items from the latest collections in just 2–3 hours.


The capital of Belgium, Brussels, is a city with amazing architecture, gardens and parks. Here, almost on the border with the Netherlands, you can find Maasmechelen Village outlet. The outlet offers cosmetics and household goods in addition to clothing and footwear. But the main highlight of this outlet is the diamond boutique, where you can purchase certified precious stones with pleasant discounts. The outlet is located near a National Park, where you can enjoy unique untouched nature right after your shopping trip.


A great option for shopping in Lisbon is the Chiado and Baixa districts. Be sure to pay attention to Portuguese footwear, which is known for its quality worldwide, as well as jewelry made in the ancient Portuguese filigree technique, original products made from cork bark and cosmetics.

The Netherlands

In Amsterdam you can find products from well-known Dutch brands. Shopping in the Netherlands is very expensive but interesting. Large shopping centers are not popular here, but in antique and jewelry shops you can find items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


When it comes to shopping, Austria may not compete with fashionable European capitals like Milan or Paris, but it is still enjoyable to make purchases in this country. Prices in Austrian cities are approximately the same as the European average, but the shopping streets are so beautifully organized that you don’t even want to leave the stores.

The sales season starts in Austria at the end of June, just like in other European cities, and it lasts until mid-August. It’s definitely worth coming here for clothes and shoes from famous brands, skiing equipment, as well as porcelain and crystal products.

Advantages of Shopping in Europe

Europe is the perfect place for those who not only want to go shopping but also want to truly enjoy the experience. European cities offer a multitude of shops, boutiques and shopping centers with products to suit every taste. But what are the main advantages of shopping in Europe?

  • Unique collections
    In Europe you can find collections that you would rarely come across in other countries. Here you should look for the most limited series of global brands, as they appear in stores the day after the fashion shows.
  • Tax-free
    Every tourist is entitled to a partial refund of the cost of goods (European Union tax). For example, in Barcelona and Paris you can get a tax-free refund right on the spot. In other cities, you can get a refund at the airport or in the city.
  • Convenient shopping villages
    Shopping villages are the best option for shopping in Europe. Nowhere else you will find such a large number of well-known brands and local labels in one place. Here you can spend a whole day shopping, strolling and relaxing. Shopping villages are located in the most popular cities of Europe: Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Madrid and Brussels. Each of these villages is equipped with playgrounds and relaxation areas for comfortable leisure time.
  • The opportunity to combine shopping with relaxation
    Combine pleasant shopping with exciting adventures? Easy! Most European shopping villages are located in the most popular places. Isn’t this the perfect vacation plan?
  • Excellent service
    Every visitor can have guaranteed qualified service and maximum attention In any European store. The traditional European hospitality combined with a sincere desire to help will make you feel what true customer orientation is like.

Planning a European Shopping Tour

Europe is a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts. It is known for its rich heritage in the field of fashion and style, so everyone can find something to their liking here.

Traditionally sales seasons start in Europe twice a year: in January and June. During this period you can buy items from the latest boutique collections with good discounts. Why not apply for a Schengen visa and escape to Europe in June, right during the exhausting summer heat in Dubai?

Shopping in Europe is not just an opportunity to make purchases, but also an excellent chance to immerse yourself in the world of style and high fashion. Thanks to the specialists at The Visa Services you will have enough time for pleasant preparations for the trip – we will take care of all the paperwork.

And if you already have a spontaneous desire to go to one of the world’s fashion capitals, leave a request for an urgent Schengen visa. Thanks to us the doors to the best boutiques of global brands will open for you in just a couple of weeks!


Do I need an ordinary tourist visa for a shopping trip? Are there any limitations on the quantity and cost of purchased items?

Yes, anyone who has a valid tourist visa can go shopping in Europe. The visa doesn’t restrict the quantity and cost of your purchases. However, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules for transporting goods, especially expensive jewelry, watches or antiques in advance to avoid problems at customs on the way back

I’ve heard that there are often problems with sizes and availability of goods in European outlets. Is it worth going there?

The situation with outlets can vary. You can go and buy the item you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, or you can return with nothing. To increase your chances of getting desired purchases, it’s better to plan your trip in advance, especially if you want to catch the winter or summer sales

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