Affiliate program

The Visa Services company has developed a referral program. Anyone can participate in it – just fill out the form and get confirmation from the manager. The affiliate program is an opportunity to earn money regardless of the field of activity. To participate in the program you need to place a referral link on your website or use a QR code. For each issued visa you will receive a reward equal to 10% of the service cost.

Start making money with us!

How to participate in the affiliate program:


To participate in the program you need to fill out the form. After receiving your application our manager will contact you and provide detailed information about the partnership conditions


Obtaining a referral link or QR-code

After registration you will receive a referral link or QR-code. The more you share it, the more customers use our services. And the more payouts you receive for participating in the program.

Tracking the results

Track the payments of your customers through the Telegram-bot using the order ID number.


Receiving payouts

For each successful transaction you will receive financial funds that can be withdrawn through the Telegram-bot.
Payouts are possible in USD, AED and USDT on the 5th day of each month or on any other day upon request


Advantages of our affiliate program:

Universal service
Visas are relevant to people regardless of their status and profession. Recommend The Visa Services to your customers, partners or casual friends: they will receive high-quality service and you – an additional income.

Easy integration
We have a convenient system of QR-codes and referral links, which makes the process of integrating services into your business fast and easily understandable.

Payouts tracking
All information about payouts will be reflected in the Telegram bot, and the scheme of their accrual is as simple and understandable as possible.

Deserving reward
The referral program allows you to receive 10% of the cost of the provided service. Example calculation: your customers applied for urgent visas. The total cost of the services was 30,000 AED. The partner’s reward will be 3,000 AED.

Join The Visa Services referral program. Fill out the form and start earning with us.


Q: When can I see the amount of my earnings for the month? Only upon payment?

A: All transactions made through your referral link or QR-code will be reflected in the Telegram bot and available for viewing at any time. Payments are made once a month.

Q: Is it possible to participate in the referral program from any country?

A: Yes. You can participate in the referral program regardless of your place of residence. However, please note that payments are only possible in USD, AED and USDT.

Q: How to obtain a referral link or QR-code for participation in the program?

A: To participate in the program you first need to fill out a special form. Then our manager will contact you and explain the working conditions. After that you will receive access to the Telegram bot, as well as an individual referral link and QR-code.


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