Romantic Escape: Heading to Europe on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day, which is dedicated to the patron saint of lovers, is celebrated all over the world: both in Catholic and Orthodox countries, and even in some more conservative ones.

Today the celebration of Valentine’s Day is not limited to exchanging gifts and going to a restaurant. It is much more pleasant to take your significant other and go on a romantic escape to one of the beautiful and secluded corners of the planet.

Europe with its narrow streets, picturesque landscapes and fairytale-like bridges is always a great idea for lovers. Now we just need to figure out which cities are the most pleasant for strolling hand in hand at sunset and saying words of love.

Paris, France

Perhaps, in the world there is and always will be one city where the degree of love is simply off the charts. And that is undoubtedly Paris – the city of artists and poets, fashion designers and perfumers, painters and their incredibly beautiful muses.

Valentine’s Day in Paris is the main holiday for tourists, and the city authorities themselves do everything to maintain the title of the “world capital of romance” on this day.

In the capital of France all lovers follow one unchanging tradition: it is mandatory to kiss their significant other under the Pont Marie bridge. According to the local legend, with the person you kiss in this place you will be happy until the end of your days.

And there is also the only Museum of Romantic Life in the world, situated at the foot of Montmartre, not far from the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge.” Hidden from prying eyes by a magnificent garden, this museum resembles a mysterious box with a surprise: it is incredibly attractive, mysterious, and, of course, romantic.

By the way, spending an evening at the Moulin Rouge and watching a vibrant show is no less interesting idea for a romantic evening. Spectacular performances, unusual costumes, beautiful dancers and the famous French cancan, which was performed precisely here – isn’t that a reason to visit one of the most iconic places in Paris?

Venice, Italy

Venice rightfully competes with Paris for the title of the most romantic city on the planet. And even if you are not a romantic person by nature, in this city you will definitely become one.

One of the most romantic activities in Venice is a gondola ride with a serenade. Embark on a journey through beautiful canals, listening to “Oh Sole Mio” in the background and admiring the landscapes. The view of Venice will enchant you and create unforgettable memories.

An ideal romantic evening in Venice can be on board a Venetian galleon, which will take you through the canals and the most charming places in the city. The main thing is to plan your trip and take care of the tickets.
Another option for a romantic evening in Venice is to attend an opera performance at the famous La Fenice Theater. This theater is among the three great Italian opera stages, along with La Scala in Milan and San Carlo in Naples. The theater has suffered from fires multiple times, but it has risen from the ashes, fully justifying its name, which translates as “Phoenix.”

By the way, Venice is particularly romantic in winter. During this time there is no traditional tourist hustle and bustle. And that means there is an excellent opportunity to have a romantic getaway in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the perfect city for a romantic weekend getaway. Compared to Paris or Venice, Vienna is completely different: less bohemian, more bourgeois and at the same time, relaxed, carefree and homely.

Here you can truly forget about everything and enjoy each other’s company in the atmosphere of the most romantic places. These places are abundant in the historical part of the city: courtyards near St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the street with beautiful lanterns, and the house where Mozart lived. Yes, these streets are literally made for secluded walks.

But one of the most popular places among couples is the Belvedere Palace. Here you can see the famous “Kiss” known all over the world. It was painted here in 1908 by Gustav Klimt, who managed to depict carefree happiness and enchanting beauty. Millions of lovers look at the “Kiss” with their hearts pounding and wonder who this couple is and whether such unearthly love is possible. It is definitely worth going to Vienna with your significant other and spending unforgettable weekends in the city of love!

Verona, Italy

The love story of Romeo and Juliet, immortalized by William Shakespeare, attracts thousands of couples to this city. Many believe that if they visit Verona and kiss under Juliet’s balcony, they can find eternal love or awaken old feelings.

Needless to say, Juliet’s House is one of the most visited attractions in Verona. And despite the fact that the events described in the works of the great author are fictional and have no direct relation to this massive structure, the building has acquired an aura of mystery and has become the most romantic corner of Verona.

In Verona it is definitely worth seeing Castelvecchio Castle, located on the riverbank, the welcoming restaurant Casa di Romeo, the central square Piazza Bra, and Lake Garda – the main natural attraction of the region. And yes, visiting these places is definitely worth it with your significant other!

Copenhagen, Denmark

For the past few years Copenhagen has been considered the happiest city in the world. Where else to go for a romantic journey?

The idea of combining romance and Scandinavia may seem intriguing. But in reality there is plenty to delight your significant other here. For example, you can visit Deer Park or take a ride on the attractions at Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park. And in the end, after bringing a pre-prepared picnic basket, you can enjoy a delicious lunch under the shade of gigantic centuries-old trees, surrounded by approximately 2,000 deer.

To conclude your romantic stroll you can have dinner in the tower of Christiansborg Palace, rising 106 meters above the ground. Here, in the restaurant called The Tower, traditional Danish dishes are served with a stunning view of the Copenhagen skyline.

What about having an unusual romantic vacation in Europe?

Admiring the view from the Eiffel Tower or riding a gondola through the canals of a city standing on water is always a great idea, but quite trite. If you’re not afraid to experiment, boldly embark on a journey to the cities of Europe, whose romanticism tourists often think of at the last moment:

  • Bruges, Belgium. A city where time can literally stand still. Here you can pledge eternal love to each other by the Lake of Love. According to legend, if you come out onto the bridge over the water, hold hands and say tender words, there is a chance that you and your significant other will be together forever.
  • Sintra, Portugal. A place where you can find romance by the ocean in the middle of winter. On the way to the Atlantic coast it’s worth turning into the ancient town of Sintra and admiring its historic castles. For example, the Pena Palace, built on the highest rock surrounded by green trees.
  • Santorini, Greece. A place that is considered one of the most sought-after destinations for a romantic beach vacation. And indeed, where else can you swim in the purest seawater while being on the edge of an active volcano? And a kiss amidst the caldera during a picturesque sunset will surely become one of the best romantic memories for lovers.
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The romance of the city is evening walks along the waterways in the old city center, when the silhouettes of two lovers are reflected in the smooth surface of the canals. And after a romantic stroll, it’s worth heading to one of the bars or restaurants – nighttime Amsterdam is full of such establishments.
  • Budapest, Hungary. The capital of the Danube with its ancient charm has long deserved the reputation of being one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Couples should definitely stay in the famous Castle District, visit the Széchenyi Baths complex and have dinner on the pedestrian streets of the Hungarian capital.

Planning a romantic trip to Europe

It doesn’t matter where in Europe you spend the most romantic weekend in February. The most important thing is who you spend it with. So it’s time to tell your sweetheart about the upcoming vacation and start choosing the route for an unforgettable trip.

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