Magic of the Holiday: Planning Vacation in UK


The holiday season (or Festive Season, as the locals call it) is a magical period in England. It’s a time when the constant hustle and bustle takes a backseat and gives way to leisurely family evenings and long walks. Brightly decorated streets, shops filled with gifts and festive attributes – every corner of the country seems to be permeated with a magical atmosphere.
The holiday season attracts not only the locals but also guests from all over the world. And it’s not surprising: such a variety of winter entertainment is hard to find elsewhere. Family vacations in England are a great alternative to Europe or America. And more – UK is the place where you have the opportunity to experience real magic.

Magic in Hogwarts

It is not necessary to be a wizard to visit the snowy Hogwarts. Just visit the Warner Brothers studio in the town of Leavesden. Eight film adaptations about the young wizard Harry Potter were made here. Today the studio is a museum where the most interesting exhibits are collected: scenery, models, drawings, costumes and props. The winter installations of Hogwarts in Snow transform this place into a real fairy tale. Glowing Christmas trees in the classrooms, fireplaces in the rooms and a festive table with Christmas pudding in the Great Hall – what can be more magical? You can visit the snowy Hogwarts until January 17th – isn’t it a great plan for the New Year holidays?

A Journey to the Past

What New Year wonders can be without time travel? You can do it from Dennis Sivers’ house, located in the center of London. On New Year’s Eve this mysterious place transforms into the home of the fictional Jervis family. Each room is a place where you can peek into Jervis’ life. Everything here is done as if the owners have just left the house, forgetting to finish their tea and tidy up the festively set table. Anyone can visit the museum, the main thing is to sign up for a mysterious tour in advance.

Christmas at the Zoo

Visitors of London Zoo have a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a fairy tale world of nocturnal lights. Glowing figures will greet the guests instead of real animals. But the impressions from this experience will be no less spectacular. And in the zoo you can also visit Santa’s and the elves’ house and try to make a cherished wish for the holiday. It is rumored that everything that is wished for in this atmosphere will certainly come true!

“Tea on Wheels”

Fans of unusual entertainments will appreciate the traditional British tea with sandwiches and pastries in the most astonishing tea house in London – a vintage double-decker bus. During a 1.5-hour journey you will pass the most significant landmarks of London – the London Eye Ferris wheel, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Piccadilly Street. And while the bus speeds through the streets of London you can enjoy a “post-lunch tea” with fragrant pastries, sitting at a cozy table by the window. Buses depart 7 times a day, and the tour lasts for 90 minutes – an excellent opportunity to warm up after a walk along the chilly streets.

Best Family Skating Rinks

What Christmas holidays without ice skating? The Battersea Power Station ice rink, located on the former power station site, combines three large rinks with a giant Christmas tree in the center. The view of the Thames and the amusement park turns the skating experience into a real fairy tale, equally enjoyable for both children and adults. The Hampton Court Palace ice rink is also very popular. It is recommended to combine skating here with a visit to Hampton Court Palace and watching the evening light show – unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!

Christmas performances

A New Year’s fairy tale is hardly possible without “The Nutcracker”. Residents and guests of London can watch the performance by the English National Ballet at the Coliseum until the 7th January. And young guests will definitely like the musical “Frozen”. London musicals are definitely worthь attention, so when planning your trip, it is better to buy tickets for the performance right away.

Traditional New Year’s parades, walks through the festive city along decorated shop windows or leisurely skating on the Thames – these are entertainments that will be enjoyable for both adults and children. It is definitely worth going on a holiday to London at least once. The main thing is to prepare well for the trip and take into account all the nuances that you may encounter in this country.

Tips for UK trip preparation

Preparing for a trip to a new country is always an exciting event. Traveling to England can evoke conflicting feelings, and it’s not surprising. This country is like a separate world, with its own mentality and extremely unpredictable weather. But if you prepare for the trip carefully, it will definitely leave only the most pleasant impressions in your memory.

  • Study the weather conditions. The weather in London is unpredictable. The winters here are quite cold and humid – to the extent that a single layer of clothing is definitely not enough. To make your walks enjoyable and comfortable it is worth considering several clothing options, taking a waterproof jacket and making sure to have comfortable warm shoes.
  • Get informed about cultural peculiarities and mentality of the locals. Long queues are an integral part of the everyday life of the British. Be ready to stand at the end of the queue while waiting for a bus, buying a ticket or simply ordering a cup of coffee. And on the escalator try to stand on the right side – the left side should remain clear for those in a hurry. Such respect will be definitely appreciated by the locals!
  • Make list of sightseeings in advance. London has a huge number of interesting and captivating attractions – modern and historical ones. It is impossible to visit all of them in just a few days. Therefore, it is worth determining in advance which ones you would definitely like to visit and plan an optimal route of your trip. It’s also better to buy tickets for events, concerts, and performances in advance – otherwise, there is a risk not to get to the desired event.
  • London Pass and City Cards. You can purchase a London Pass or a similar city card to visit paid attractions in London. It provides discounts on admission and helps to save a considerable amount of money. But it is better to study all the conditions in advance and make sure that the card will be valid for the route you have planned.

UK Travel Planning

Going on a New Year vacation to London from Dubai has become easier than ever today – the number of flights has increased several times since 2023. English airports annually receive hundreds of guests from the UAE. You just need to choose the optimal flight and buy tickets for the desired date.
And, of course, it’s time to apply for the UK visa. There is not much time left before the New Year holidays, but there is still a chance to spend unforgettable days in London. Thanks to the specialists of The Visa Services, the processing of a British visa will take only 2 days.
It’s time to take the suitcase off the shelf and imagine how in just a few days you can walk in the premises of Buckingham Palace.


Q: What should I try from the local cuisine?

A: It is definitely hard to imagine England without fish and chips. It is also worth trying a traditional English breakfast, dishes in English pubs and local street food.

Q: What to bring from a trip to the UK?

A: It is worth bringing back tea, marmalade, souvenirs dedicated to Harry Potter, English chocolate and perfume from England.

Q: What is the best way to get around the country?

A: The most convenient and fastest way to travel around the country is by train. There are four train stations in London from which you can depart to different parts of the country. Buses are also quite common – trips on them will be no less comfortable, and the price is much lower than train prices.

Q: Can I pay in dollars and euros or with a bank card in England?

A: In the UK only British pounds are accepted. It is better to exchange them before your trip. If you haven’t done so, it’s not a problem – you can exchange euros and dollars, the main thing is to find a good exchange rate. It is also possible to pay for goods or services with a card, but not everywhere. Moreover, in some stores there may be a considerable commission for card payments.

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