Concentration of Brilliance and Beauty: Heading to Europe for Jewelry Exhibitions


European jewelry and antique exhibitions have long become one of the main events in the world of fashion and style. They showcase the most interesting and original creations by designers that can capture the hearts of visitors from all corners of the planet.

Exhibitions in Europe offer limitless opportunities for jewelers and beauty enthusiasts. Here you can not only see the latest trends and acquaint yourself with the newest technologies but also interact with leading masters and designers and hear their inspiring stories about creating exclusive collections. And of course you can purchase the jewelry that you like, which will bring joy for many years to come.

Must Visit Jewelry Exhibitions in Europe in 2024

Jewelry companies strive to create new products that can enchant everyone with their beauty and design every year. Which European countries will host the most famous and largest exhibitions in 2024?

  • Jubinale Summer 2024 Exhibition/ Krakow, Poland
    JUBINALE is the leading jewelry event in Central Europe where visitors can explore summer trends and learn about upcoming innovations. The exhibition welcomes exhibitors from all over the world – manufacturers, importers and designers of jewelry and watches. The internationality of JUBINALE provides an opportunity to establish contacts at an international level.
    The exhibition will take place from June 6th to June 8th, 2024.
  • GemGeneve Jewelry Exhibition/ Geneva, Switzerland
    The organizers of the exhibition are two legends of the jewelry world: antique specialist and prominent collector of rare jewelry, Thomas Ferber, and a specialist in Kashmir sapphires and natural pearls, Roni Totta. This year visitors of the exhibition will have the opportunity to see precious stones and jewelry of 220 participants from 20 countries. According to statistics, the majority of exhibition participants are Americans, followed by the Swiss themselves.
    The exhibition will take place from May 9th to May 12th, 2024.
  • International Jewelry Exhibition Het Juweel Sparrendaal 2024/ Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands
    Het Juweel Sparrendaal is the only themed exhibition in the Netherlands dedicated to jewelry and watches. Within three days 25 jewelers and watchmakers from around the world will showcase their most beautiful creations from the past and present. Guided tours will be available for visitors, and the viewing of exquisite jewelry can be concluded with a delicious lunch in the garden of the estate Buitenplaats Tentworx. The exhibition will feature modern and vintage collections of jewelry, watches and costume jewelry in unique designs.
    The exhibition will take place from June 7th to June 9th, 2024
  • VicenzaOro Jewelry Exhibition/ Vicenza, Italy
    VicenzaOro traditionally takes place twice a year: in January and in September. It is the largest international exhibition of gold and silver products, jewelry and watches not only in Italy, but also in the whole of Europe. Most exhibitors represent jewelry from Italy. The country produces about 70% of all jewelry in Europe and is an undeniable world leader in terms of design originality and technological innovation.The exhibition does not have traditional sections such as “gold” or “silver”. According to the organizers’ concept, VicenzaOro is a jewelry city where exhibitors are grouped into communities or districts based on their product positioning, target audience or sales channels. Each district has its own image, hosts its own events and is aimed at a specific category of visitors.There are totally six districts: Icon (recognized international jewelry brands – for boutiques, commercial centers or large stores), Creation (a district of manufacturers of unbranded mass-produced goods and products for their own brands), Look (designers and companies united by a creative approach and the use of non-traditional materials and technologies), Essence (precious stones and consumables for manufacturers), Expression (demonstration equipment and packaging for those who need to personalize their products) and Evolution (new technologies, equipment, and tools for manufacturers).
    The exhibition will take place from September 6th to 9th, 2024.

Who Should Definitely Consider Attending Jewelry Exhibitions in Europe

Jewelry exhibitions in Europe are a true magnet for connoisseurs of elegance and luxury. Here one can discover unique and vibrant jewelry masterpieces. However, the opportunity to enjoy incredible works of jewelry art is far from the only reason to attend at least one of these exhibitions.

The exhibition is definitely worth visiting for:

  • Jewelry manufacturers. You can purchase jewelry inserts or order branded packaging, get inspired by new ideas, explore new jewelry trends and exchange experiences with colleagues while visiting the exhibition.
  • Wholesale or retail businesses selling jewelry. For example, jewelry boutiques that trade in premium segment products can get acquainted with interesting designers and acquire items from both well-known and lesser-known brands in limited editions within the exhibition.
  • Antique dealers and collectors. Many jewelry exhibitions have separate pavilions with collectibles, vintage items, auction pieces and even historical artifacts ranging from unique gemstones to rare creations from leading jewelry houses.

Planning a trip to the “jewelry” cities of Europe

Jewelry exhibitions bring together hundreds of companies that demonstrate high jewelry art every year. Is it not enough to go to Europe to see new trends and exclusive collections, especially to acquire something truly luxurious?

Most exhibitions take place in late spring and summer, when heat in Dubai reaches record levels. Going to Europe at this time, especially for such a pleasant occasion, is an excellent opportunity to escape the exhausting heat.

While choosing a suitable event, submit the documents for obtaining a Schengen visa. You will only have to anticipate your trip to one of the most famous jewelry exhibitions in Europe, and the specialists at The Visa Services will take care of everything else.

Thanks to us you will be able to attend even the nearest events – with the urgent Schengen visa application service you can be in Europe in just a couple of weeks!


Q: I have a Schengen visa, and I still have about ten possible days of stay in Europe. I planned to combine the visit to the exhibition with a short vacation. If I stay one or two days longer than the remaining period, will it be considered a violation of the visa regime? Provided that the visa has not expired by that time.

A: Yes, exceeding the period of stay by even one day will be considered a violation of the visa regime. We recommend that you don’t take any risks and immediately contact us to obtain a new visa.

Q: I have a valid Schengen visa and will be able to attend the exhibition in May. After that the visa will expire. Does it mean that I should not plan to visit the exhibition in June?

A: If you plan to visit exhibitions with a one-month difference, for which you will need to obtain a new visa, contact us to obtain an urgent Schengen visa. And within 2–3 weeks you will be ready to go on your trip.

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