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UAE Sponsor Visa

The Sponsor Visa, also known as the UAE Family Visa, is a type of long-term visa issued to family members of residents who wish to extend their stay in the country. The visa enables travelers to live with their relatives or family members in the country for an extended period, and it must be sponsored by a Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates resident who meets specific requirements.

General Requirements for a UAE Sponsor Visa

To apply for this visa, the following general documents are required:

  • Original passport
  • Two passport-sized photographs, following the photo criteria
  • Entry permit
  • Supporting documents such as birth/marriage certificates

Salary Requirements for Sponsoring Family Members

The minimum salary required to sponsor family members for a UAE Sponsor Visa depends on the type and category of the sponsor:

  • Male residents employed in the country can sponsor their immediate family members, such as a wife and children, provided they have a minimum salary of AED 4,000 (USD 1,089.02) or AED 3,000 (USD 816.76) plus accommodation.
  • In Abu Dhabi, a woman can sponsor her husband and children if she holds a residence permit stating that she is an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, or any other profession related to the medical sector, and if her monthly salary is not less than AED 10,000 (USD 2,722.54) or AED 8,000 (USD 2,178.04) plus accommodation.
  • In Dubai, a woman not employed in one of the specified categories may still get approval to sponsor her family if her monthly salary is more than AED 10,000 (USD 2,722.54) and with special permission from the DNRD.

Key Points to Consider Before Applying:

  • At the time of application, the family member could already be in the country or outside of it.
  • The type of profession is no longer a condition for an expatriate worker to sponsor family visas.
  • Resident sponsors have 60 days to apply for their dependents’ residence visas after they enter the UAE.
  • Applicants aged 18+ must undergo a medical fitness test at government-approved health centers in the country.
  • People who are medically unfit after testing will not be granted a residence visa.
  • Residents with dormant or inactive pulmonary tuberculosis are considered medically fit and granted a one-year
  • ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ subject to treatment and follow-up by the respective health authority.

Processing Time and Visa Validity

The average processing time for a UAE Sponsor Visa is 2-3 weeks. The visa’s duration depends on the sponsor type and the person sponsored. Visa renewal is subject to conditions similar to those of new visas.

If you’re seeking to bring your family members to join you here, The Visa Services is here to help you obtain your UAE Sponsor Visa. Contact us today to start your application and take the first step towards reuniting with your loved ones in the United Arab Emirates.

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