Burning Man 2024: Heading to the USA for the Most Legendary Festival


People travel to the United States of America for bright experiences, shopping, education at top universities or business matters. But every summer tourists have a special reason to return to this country – the legendary Burning Man festival.

The event which is known worldwide annually brings together tens of thousands of people in the Nevada desert. According to the creators, it is not just a festival, but an opportunity for self-expression and a symbol of humanity’s hope for life in an ideal society.

History of the Festival

It all began about thirty years ago with a small party where a group of friends built a wooden sculpture on the beach of San Francisco, and then burned it to music and dancing. This simple meaningless act raised so many hidden meanings and turned out to be so necessary that the event started gathering more and more people every year, and artists, musicians, designers, poets and those who just wanted to express themselves joined the festival.

At some point, the beach could no longer accommodate all the interested parties and forced the organizers of the event to consider changing the location. Since the authorities were categorically against burning a huge figure in public places, the festival began to be held in the Black Rock Desert. around 70,000 people dreaming of immersing themselves in this unreal atmosphere gather annually there.

Tips for Attending the Burning Man Festival 2024

The Burning Man festival has gained popularity among various layers of the population: from ordinary people to those who introduce innovations and technologies into our lives. Here you can meet Mark Zuckerberg, who prepares sandwiches for everyone interested, or Elon Musk, observing a live example of an isolated colony on Mars.

In 2024 the festival will take place from August 25 to September 2. Becoming a participant is not that difficult, the main thing is to remember a few important points:

  • It is necessary to purchase tickets for the event in advance. To do this, you need to register on a special website, join the queue and wait for the start of sales. The most expensive tickets are in the FOMO format (fear of missing out) and the OMG-sale (a small number of tickets that go on sale a month before the festival). Some tickets are allocated to teams that build large art installations for the festival. It is impossible to attend the event without a ticket.
  • To stay in the camp, you need to be part of a team during construction or pay a monetary contribution, the amount of which ranges from $200 to $2,500 depending on the camp. You can travel independently, but in this case you will have to bring everything yourself (from water to cleaning supplies).
  • You can only buy coffee and ice during the festival. Everything else you need to bring with you. There is a chance that you might be treated to something, but relying too much on it in the middle of the desert is not advisable.
  • Using money is prohibited at the festival. Participants have agreed to replace them with gifts: all camp residents provide everything to each other for free. There is even a kind of competition here on who can give the best gift to the first person they meet.
  • The Burning Man festival has ten principles that all participants should follow. Among them are gifting, radical self-reliance, self-expression, civic responsibility, environmental protection and immediacy.

Planning a Trip to the Burning Man Festival in the USA

There are only a few months left before the Burning Man festival. And the first thing that anyone who wants to attend this grand event should do is buy a ticket.

But an equally important step in planning a trip is applying for a visa to the USA. On average, obtaining an American visa through The Visa Services takes 3 months, which means that postponing the collection of documents is definitely not worth it.

Today the Burning Man is not just a large festival, but also one of the strongest brands. Everyone who hears about it cannot remain indifferent. Everyone who comes into contact with it becomes a fan of its ten principles. And all who have been there say that this is what the most unforgettable vacation looks like – with sandstorms, scorching sun and tens of thousands of like-minded people.

Is it really like that? You will find out very soon, because thanks to the experienced specialists of The Visa Services you have every chance to get a visa and attend the Burning Man festival this year!


Q: What should I bring to such an event besides food and water supplies?

A: The Burning Man is an event testing your self-sufficiency. You should take everything you need for survival. Costumes are also welcomed at the event, as they allow participants to express themselves.

Q: What if I submit visa documents in two months before the trip or even later? Are there any chances in this case?

A: Specialists from The Visa Services can expedite a visa for the USA, which will take 2–3 weeks. However, since the number of people wanting to leave the UAE is particularly high in the summer, we still recommend not postponing the submission of documents until the last moment.

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