Luxury in Nature: Heading to Europe for the Best Health Retreat


Europe attracts tourists all year round with its historical landmarks, authentic cuisine, shopping and a variety of bright and interesting events.

However, for true lovers of comfort and luxury the perfect option for a European getaway is a weekend in the best mountain chalets and at famous thermal springs. And indeed, can anything be more beautiful than a reboot surrounded by picturesque mountains, crystal-clear lakes and fresh air?

Luxurious European chalets are located throughout the Alpine region, starting from France and Switzerland and ending with Austria and Italy. They have everything you need for a comfortable holiday – from spa complexes spanning entire floors to incredible local cuisine, dishes of which a renowned chef can prepare right in the kitchen of your chalet.

Where to Go for a Luxurious Nature Retreat?

The perfect European vacation is often associated with cozy chalets, stunning landscapes and delicious authentic cuisine. To experience all of this, it is best to head to one of the following countries:

  • Switzerland
    Switzerland is perfect for mountain adventures. It’s an excellent place for a family vacation, holidays with friends or romantic getaway with your sweetheart. Switzerland is home to some of the best ski resorts where people come to ski and snowboard in winter and hike or enjoy incredible views in summer. For those who prefer luxurious vacations, regions like Verbier, Zermatt, St. Moritz, Klosters, Davos and Gstaad are worth considering. Apart from winter activities, these resorts offer a wide range of summer entertainment such as fishing, trail running, horseback riding and hiking. In addition, elite kids’ camps operate here and major international festivals take place in the summer.
  • France
    Another country for luxurious mountain vacation is, of course, France. The French Alps with their historical ski villages and incredible selection of chalets are considered the epicenter of luxury relaxation in Europe. Tourists are mostly aimed to visit the so-called Three Valleys, which include eight famous resorts, such as Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens. In addition to the slopes, French ski resorts offer guests helicopter rides with the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views, paragliding, segway tours and mountain biking. However, there are also less extreme entertainments here, such as bowling, cinemas and luxurious restaurants. During the summer period, various sports and music events take place at the French ski resorts, attending which you will definitely get unforgettable impressions. And in Meribel, considered the center of cycling relaxation, one of the best mountain biking parks in the Alps is located.
  • Austria
    Austria is known for its ski resorts, which are rightfully considered the best ones in Europe. But in summer the country also holds its leading positions in terms of the number of tourists. In the warm season, Tyrol is especially popular, as it is considered the best place for hiking and various outdoor sports. Fans of luxurious leisure will appreciate resorts such as Kitzbühel, Lech, St. Anton, Zillertal and Zürs. Here you can take a walk, visit one of the artisan cafes with delicious authentic cuisine, explore designer boutiques and stores and relax in one of the vibrant evening venues.
  • Italy
    Italy is the perfect place for a mountain vacation all year round. Here you can find everything you need for a comfortable stay: stunning landscapes, developed infrastructure, excellent food and a warm welcome that awaits you at one of the best chalets in the region. Italian resorts are known for their relaxed atmosphere, leisurely meals in luxurious restaurants and sunbathing in the best spa centers of famous resorts. The most impressive mountain range in the country is the Dolomites. Here you can find the best entertainment in the region, both in winter and in summer.

The Best Thermal Springs in Europe

Another truly relaxing leisure option in Europe is visiting thermal springs. Since ancient times, noble individuals have traveled to these waters to improve their health. And today anyone can head to one of the best thermal resorts in Europe. Be sure, among them there are places that are certainly worth special attention:

  • Szechenyi Baths (Budapest, Hungary)
    Budapest is considered the spa capital of Europe and the Szechenyi Baths are the largest thermal spring in the country. There are 15 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools here. Visiting them is definitely worth it – as they are some of the most famous baths in the world!
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine (Krakow, Poland)
    This health complex is known for its entirely underground location – according to its creators, this is how one can feel the healing power of the salty microclimate. Engaging in breathing practices and receiving therapeutic massages underground is recommended here – the effect will definitely be better!
  • Energy Eco Spa (Estonia)
    The distinctive feature of this spa center is organic procedures using locally hand-picked herbs, clay and plant extracts. After completing the wellness program, it is recommended to take a boat ride or go on a hiking tour through the most picturesque places in the country.
  • Secret Lagoon (Fludir, Iceland)
    This geothermal pool, located 100 km from Reykjavik and built in 1891, offers its visitors rejuvenating procedures with breathtaking views. Despite its rather simple décor, this spa center attracts tourists from all over the world with its proximity to scenic volcanoes, snowy plateaus and a small geyser erupting every five minutes.
  • Eagles Palace (Halkidiki, Greece)
    The luxurious Eagles Palace hotel, located in Halkidiki, features a quiet beach and olive groves. Its modern spa center offers pools, jacuzzis, saunas and steam baths. All treatments can be done both inside the complex and on the beach. After a pleasant relaxation, one should head to the Kamares by Spondi restaurant, whose menu was developed by a chef twice awarded Michelin stars.
  • Friedrichsbad (Baden-Baden, Germany)
    Baden-Baden has been known as a fashionable health resort since the 19th century. There are many expensive hotels with luxurious spas here, among which is Friedrichsbad. Only here can you enjoy a unique 17-step bathing ritual, including procedures in steam rooms and mineral baths.
  • Castilla Thermal (El Burgo de Osma, Spain)
    The uniqueness of this spa hotel lies in its location – it is situated in a renovated 16th-century monastery in the northwest of Castile and León. Guests can enjoy a bath under the vaulted ceilings adorned with frescoes. It is said that the local mineral waters have rejuvenating and purifying properties. No wonder there are always many guests from all over the world!
  • Hotel Excelsior (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
    Hotel Excelsior will definitely appeal to luxury lovers, as it is a former royal mansion with an incredible view of the Adriatic Sea and the Old Town. The spa center, decorated with marble, offers guests a fresh water pool, jacuzzi, steam baths, private beach and a spa salon.

Planning a Wellness Trip to Europe

Luxurious European chalets, like many thermal springs, are located in the mountains, so getting to them is not that easy. It is worth planning the route in advance and besides the flight, take care of a taxi or car rental to reach your destination.

Another important point is timely application for a European visa. In this matter you can also rely on the perfect service, all thanks to The Visa Services specialists. Getting a visa in just 2–3 weeks from the date of application will certainly make your vacation preparations even more enjoyable!

A luxurious vacation in the Alps or a visit to famous thermal springs is one of the best ways to relieve stress. But definitely not from the visa application process – thanks to The Visa Services this process will be another pleasant stage on the way to your upcoming journey!


Q: My wife wants to visit one of the famous thermal resorts in Europe. However, her trip’s purpose is not just relaxation but also some certain therapeutic (medical) procedures. Are there any restrictions on this matter with a tourist visa?

A: If you do not plan to be hospitalized for prolonged treatment of complex illnesses but want to undergo a series of health-improving procedures within a visit to one of the thermal resorts in Europe, you can do so with your tourist visa.

Q: I plan to make several trips to Europe this summer, but in between, I will need to return to the UAE. Can I enter and exit the Schengen area multiple times with a multiple-entry visa?

A: With a multiple-entry visa you can enter and exit as many times as you need. The main condition is to monitor the validity period of the visa and not exceed the allowed number of days to stay within the Schengen Zone.

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