Must visit: the main art exhibitions 2024 in Europe


2024 promises to be a year of blockbusters in the field of art and fantastic exhibitions. European museums, as if conspiring, offer a grand program. Calo in Paris and Munch in Oslo, Caspar David Friedrich in Berlin and Salvador Dali in Brussels – this year, like never before, will be rich in cultural events.

Many projects will be dedicated to German Expressionism with its screaming colors, broken lines and provocative plots. The work of contemporary artists who skillfully combine art and activist movement will also be at the peak of popularity.

And this year will also become a year of events and anniversaries. One hundred years since the publication of André Breton’s “Surrealist Manifesto”, one hundred and fifty years since the opening of the first Impressionist exhibition in Paris, two hundred and fifty years since the birth of the great German romantic Caspar Friedrich Wolf – this year the art calendar is literally vibrant with events.

If you have been thinking about a trip to Europe for a long time but couldn’t find a suitable reason, it’s time to take a closer look at the exhibitions and plan a cultural journey.

“Inside Other Spaces. Works by Women Artists from 1956–1976”, Munich.

The exhibition explores the concept of the “environment” and questions its connection to art. Here you can for the first time see reconstructed immersive works by 11 pioneering women artists, created between 1956 and 1976. They will tell the story of how these artists challenged space and reinterpreted it through their works. Visitors can expect interactive installations that will answer the question: how do we embody our environment, and what unique challenges did these artists face in their time?

The exhibition is already open and will continue until March 10, 2024.

Exhibition of Chaim Soutine, Copenhagen.

In February, in the vicinity of the Danish capital, namely in the small town of Humlebæk, an exhibition of Chaim Soutine, a boy from a poor family who was born in present-day Belarus and moved to Paris at the age of 20, where he became a famous French artist, will be opened. Here will be presented 60 works of Chaim Soutine, whose fate was simultaneously happy and extremely difficult.

The exhibition will take place from February 9 to July 14, 2024.

Surrealism Centennial, Brussels.

In February in Brussels begins a grand celebration of the surrealist movement. After all, it was Belgium that played a crucial role in the history of this important artistic direction of the 20th century. On the occasion of the anniversary two grand exhibitions of astonishing scale are planned here. The royal museums of fine arts will present over 130 pieces of art at the exhibition, including works by Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst and Joan Miro. This is a chance to see many world masterpieces, including Salvador Dali’s “The Premonition of Civil War” and Max Ernst’s “Triumph of Surrealism”.

The exhibition will take place from February 21 to July 21, 2024.

Anselm Kiefer Exhibition, Florence.

Anselm Kiefer returns to Italy after his major exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice in 2022. The artist’s gigantic works have long outgrown the limits of galleries, turning into entire installations. Filled with anti-war pathos and explorations of the origins of Nazism, created with reference to German Expressionism, they fit perfectly into the interiors of Italian palaces. This year Kiefer’s works will be presented at the Strozzi Palace in Florence, which was once laid out as the largest palace in Florence. Can there be anything more proportionate?

The exhibition will take place from March 22 to July 21, 2024.

Exhibition of Willem de Kooning, Venice.

The exhibition of Willem de Kooning will take place at the Academy of Fine Arts Gallery in Venice. The focus will be on the works created during the artist’s two trips to Italy. The first trip took place in 1959, when the artist was at the peak of his success. During this trip he learned to experiment a lot with technique. The second trip took place a decade later, when the artist first started working with clay and created 13 small sculptures. At the exhibition in Venice visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exploration of the fruits of both trips.

The exhibition will run from April 17 to September 15, 2024.

“Edvard Munch: Shaking Earth”, Oslo.

The exhibition “Shaking Earth” in Oslo reveals the artist Edvard Munch’s fascination with the world of nature. It will bring together works from the artist’s own collection in the museum with works from state and private collections. To see such a large number of Munch’s images in one room is only possible in Oslo!

The exhibition will run from April 27 to August 25, 2024.

“Long live life!”, Paris.

Frida Kahlo is known to many as the most famous Mexican artist in the world, but how well do we actually know her works? An exhibition at the immersive Grand Palais promises to fully immerse visitors in the inner world of this incredible artist. The Parisian exhibition will tell the story of Kahlo’s turbulent and rich life through 360-degree projections, works of art, photographs and documents taken from the personal diary of this global legend.

The exhibition will take place from September 18, 2024, to March 2, 2025.

“Nan Goldin: It Won’t End Well”, Berlin.

Photographs by Nan Goldin, capturing her bohemian life and the lives of her contemporaries in the 1970s and 1980s, continue to exert influence on art today. After a successful exhibition in Amsterdam, the retrospective will travel to Berlin and will be available for viewing at the New National Gallery. Utilizing video, sound, music, and photography, Goldin documents themes that stir the minds of contemporary society on a daily basis.
The exhibition will take place from November 23, 2024, to February 16, 2025.”

Exhibition of Marc Chagall, Vienna.

You can see exhibitions of Marc Chagall every year. Therefore, in autumn 2024 it is worth visiting the Albertina Gallery in Vienna. Here will be shown around 90 works from the late period of the artist, who was Jewish and originally from Vitebsk, Marc Chagall. He explores the Second World War and the horrors of the Holocaust.

The exhibition will take place from September 28 to February 9, 2025.

Decoding: The Power and Politics of Textiles in Art, Amsterdam.

The increasing number of traveling exhibitions allows viewers to choose their viewing location. For example, the Unravel project is a joint effort of the Barbican Center and the Stedelijk Museum. The exhibition is currently taking place at the Barbican Center until May and will start at the Stedelijk Museum in early autumn. It features dozens of prominent artists whose work spans from the 1960s to the present day. The exhibition addresses questions and themes related to gender, labor, memory, ecology, oppression, extraction and trade. They are all literally depicted through the thread of the exhibition, meaning they are presented through sewing, weaving, embroidery or a loom – all possible methods that allow exploring the textile’s potential.

The exhibition in Stedelijk will take place from September 14th to January 5th, 2025.

Is it worth mentioning that these are far from the only exhibitions that will attract tourists from all over the world? Yes, 2024 will be a truly fantastic year for all art lovers, so it’s better to decide on your preferences now and create a personal art travel calendar.

Planning of cultural program in Europe

Art has always attracted true connoisseurs and ordinary people from all over the world. Today, visiting famous museums is just as popular as visiting historical sites, famous beaches or gastronomic routes.

Getting close to art is very easy: you just need to choose interesting exhibitions and apply for a Schengen visa. In February many museums in Europe are already awaiting guests for the most anticipated exhibitions of the year. And if you can’t wait to embark on a journey right now, turn to us for an urgent Schengen visa.

Don’t miss the most exciting and anticipated exhibitions of this year. Plan your trip and anticipate an inspiring journey to Europe. And the specialists at The Visa Services will take care that it happens for sure.


Q: Is there a chance to go to the exhibitions in February if I don’t have a visa yet?

A: You can apply for an urgent Schengen visa. In this case, it will be possible to embark on the journey within 2-3 weeks.

Q: I want to visit several exhibitions from the list. Does that mean I will need a multiple-entry visa?

A: If you plan to visit multiple exhibitions within one trip (even considering travel between Schengen countries), you will not need a multiple-entry visa. However, if you plan to visit exhibitions throughout the year, you will need a multiple-entry visa (or you will have to submit visa documents before each trip).

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