From Austria to the Czech Republic: where to go in Europe in February?


New Year holidays are a great opportunity to spend a weekend in Europe, strolling through fairs and decorated streets. But what to do if you haven’t been able to go on a long-awaited vacation in the pre-holiday rush? Of course, go to Europe in February!

Winter Europe offers dozens of options for tourists, and each of them is interesting in its own way. A sightseeing or gastronomic tour, a shopping tour, a seaside or ski resort – Europe is ready to offer its guests adventures for every taste.

In February it’s good to travel across Europe in any direction. It all depends on the purpose of your trip, budget and the weather conditions you are counting on. The February weather changes as the terrain changes. And while there is a chance of catching clear and quite warm days in the Benelux countries, in other states you should be prepared for snow and rain.

The choice of tourist destinations in winter Europe is truly huge. But there are places that attract tourists year after year. Visiting one of them is a great plan for the February holidays!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is beautiful at any time, but in February it becomes especially enchanting. Adorned with millions of lights, the musical capital of Austria turns into a fairy tale. It often seems that near the ancient castle you will meet a magical fairy who has flown in on the sounds of the Viennese waltz.

The beginning of February is a wonderful time to explore the sights of the old part of the city. There are so many interesting places here that one vacation is definitely not enough to see them all!

In February Vienna sees relatively few tourists, and there are practically no queues at the ticket offices. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit famous museums and Schönbrunn Palace, drop by small cozy cafes and try the authentic Viennese strudel. And if you find yourself in Vienna at the end of February, make sure to attend the incredibly beautiful Viennese ball – a celebration when the whole city dances.

Sweden, Stockholm

Stockholm in February embodies a typical Scandinavian winter with gray snowdrifts, leaden clouds and wet snow. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth visiting the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm is a city where you can be a guest at Karlsson’s and Pippi Longstocking’s, join the popular ABBA group or find a boy looking at the Moon. Cold and gray Stockholm is very generous with impressions.
Here you should visit the Old Town, Gamla Stan, which has perfectly preserved the appearance and spirit of the Middle Ages. Pay a visit to the oldest square in the city, Stortorget, drop by the famous Nobel Museum and take a walk along Stockholm’s narrowest alley, the 90-centimeter Marten Trotzigs grand. And believe, these are far from all the adventures that await you in the cold capital of Sweden.

Budapest, Hungary

If gloomy and gray Stockholm is not your choice, feel free to go to Budapest. In February the temperature here is quite comfortable, and towards the end of the month there is even a chance to witness the arrival of early spring.

You can explore the capital of Hungary in a few days. Take a walk to the Citadel in Buda, visit a couple of local museums, the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Church of St. Matthias.
And after a tiring walk be sure to visit one of the baths, like those located near Gellért Hill. This kind of relaxation will give you a lot of positive emotions and help to unwind after busy work days! By the way, Budapest is rich in interesting surroundings that deserve no less attention than the capital itself. So, don’t hesitate to go on vacation for a week or more – you will definitely have plenty to do!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visiting Amsterdam in February is no less interesting than in other European cities. By the way, it is one of the few European cities where Chinese New Year is celebrated. You can see colorful fireworks, firecrackers, and dragons in the historic Zeedijkio district and on Dam Square.

The end of winter in Amsterdam is not considered to be a peak tourist season, so there is a chance to visit museums without queues. You can also take a ride on a river tram along the city’s canals (the weather in February allows for it), go for a walk along Magere Brug Bridge and have dinner at one of the cozy restaurants with a beautiful view of the city!

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary attracts tourists all year round, and winter is no exception. There is a reason for this: Karlovy Vary is home to beneficial mineral springs.

A must-visit spot is the Geyser Colonnade. It is the most famous spring in Karlovy Vary. The geyser extracts water from a depth of 2 km, and its temperature averages +72 degrees Celsius.

If relaxing by the springs is not your thing, feel free to take a walk around the city. Look at the antique icons in the Petropavlovskaya Church or admire the paintings by artists in the Karlovy Vary Gallery. You can enjoy the city views from the Diana Observation Tower. And if you feel like you need more impressions, it’s worth taking a two-day trip to Prague and having a great time there!

Tips for choosing destination

The European winter is equally good in different countries. However, prices can vary greatly depending on the location.

However, it all depends on the purpose of your visit and your mode of transportation around Europe. For example, ski resorts in February are crowded with tourists. It’s not surprising that prices for such vacations won’t be low.

Many people flock to the seaside as well – the number of those wishing to bask in the sun’s rays doesn’t decrease from year to year. So, hoping for a budget vacation here is definitely not an option.

To ensure a pleasant February vacation in Europe, take note of the following advice:

  • In some European countries winter can be quite harsh. For example, in Finland temperatures can reach -30 degrees Celsius. Norway and Sweden also won’t greet you with warmth, so if you choose Scandinavian countries, be ready to bring a whole suitcase of warm clothing.
  • If you are considering vacation in a milder climate, choose countries like Spain or Italy. Here the average temperature in February hovers around +10 degrees Celsius, so long walks won’t be uncomfortable.
  • If you love snowy winters, choose northern countries like Norway, Sweden or Finland. However, snow can be found not only in these countries. It’s better to check the forecast and choose weather conditions that correspond to the goals of your trip.
    Fans of winter sports should pay attention to destinations like Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and Norway. These countries are a must-visit for anyone who loves active winter sports!

Traveling to Europe in winter is definitely worth it at least once. The beautiful architecture of European countries against a backdrop of white snow won’t leave anyone indifferent. And thanks to careful planning your trip will be smooth and enjoyable.

Travel Planning

There is only a month left until February. So if you are planning a vacation in the last winter month, it’s time to start preparing for the trip right now.

Start planning by submitting your documents for a Schengen visa. It is better to do it right now in order to go on vacation on convenient dates.

Have you submitted your visa application? Great! While the specialists at The Visa Services are taking care of your documents, you can choose a hotel and suitable flights. In February European countries receive huge flows of tourists, so it is worth thinking in advance about how you will get to your destination and, most importantly, where you will stay.

A vacation in Europe in February is the perfect option for winter lovers as well as warm weather enthusiasts. Everyone will find something to their liking here. So it’s better not to waste time and contact The Visa Services right now for a Schengen visa. With it you will discover all the beauty of winter in Europe!


Q: Can I rent winter clothing and equipment at European ski resorts?

A: Most European ski resorts offer equipment rental services. However, it is better to have necessary items with you, so you don’t have to worry about sizes and prices.

Q: Can I travel between European countries in a rented car?

A: Inside the Schengen area there are no borders, so there is also no control over the movement of rented cars.

Q: Is it possible to visit multiple countries on a single visa?

A: Yes, since there is no border control between Schengen countries. Being in the Schengen zone, you can freely move between its countries. But please note that your visa should not have a restriction indicating that you are only allowed to stay in one country.

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