European Sea Cruises: Betting on the Hottest Trend of the Year


This year European sea cruises are enjoying exceptional popularity among tourists. Just imagine: you travel on a floating five-star hotel with an all-inclusive dining system, enjoying the beauty, history and ancient architecture of numerous port cities and stopping to relax on the beaches of the Mediterranean.

Sea cruises in Europe offer the opportunity to visit several cities in one trip, not only on the mainland but also on the islands. The combination of educational excursions and beach relaxation is why it is definitely worth going on a sea cruise at least once.

​​What to See on a Sea Cruise in Europe?

Today the number and variety of routes and cruise liners in Europe is so vast that even the most demanding tourist will find attractive options for themselves. In the European part of the Mediterranean Sea operate liners of most popular cruise companies of different classes: standard, premium and luxury, as well as cruises based on the “Ultra all-inclusive” system. Many companies offer a complete package of services, including air travel, transfers and excursions.

A sea cruise provides an opportunity to visit amazing places that are not always convenient and easy to reach by land. At the same time the duration of cruises can vary greatly, from mini-trips around Southern Europe to round-the-world voyages.
The Mediterranean Sea is rich in incredible places. For example, the island of Corsica in France attracts tourists not only with its beauty but also with its historical fact: it is the birthplace of Emperor Napoleon. And the island of Mallorca is one of the most picturesque places in Spain. The waters of the Mediterranean gently wash this paradise corner, known for its climate and extraordinary nature.

Mediterranean cruises offer a wealth of excursion programs. One of the most popular and interesting routes is Barcelona – Casablanca – Agadir – Canary Islands – Funchal – Malaga.

When to go on a cruise around European countries?

The main advantage of Southern Europe is the sunny weather and warm sea all year round. In the southernmost islands you can start swimming as early as March. There is also plenty to do in winter: many cruise routes include stops in mysterious ancient cities, where you can explore landmarks and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity.

But the best time for a Mediterranean cruise is spring (April – May) and the velvet season (September). During these months there is usually no excessive heat, and the temperature of the water and air remains consistently warm, allowing for sunbathing and swimming.

Which company to choose?

Almost all major cruise companies organize routes throughout Southern Europe. Despite differences in cost and level of service, the routes will be approximately the same, and the ports of call are the same for all operators. If you are only planning your first cruise, be sure to consider the most popular companies:

  • Celebrity Cruises – for those who value comfort.
    If you want to feel like a celebrity on your first cruise, choose the Celebrity Reflection liner from Celebrity Cruises. It accommodates 3,000 passengers and combines all possible amenities. But the main highlight of the liner is a huge lawn with natural grass.
  • Royal Caribbean – for travelers with children.
    Royal Caribbean is the second most popular cruise company in the world. All the company’s ships are divided into classes based on prices, the number of passengers and amenities. All liners have entertainment programs and are perfect for family vacations.
  • Seabourn Cruise Line – for luxury enthusiasts.
    The small cruise ships of Seabourn Cruise Line offer on-board all the luxuries you could wish for. And it’s not surprising: from the very beginning the company was founded by a group of investors from Norway who wanted to offer those wishing to relax on liners resembling the luxurious and expensive yachts of the world’s richest people.
  • Voyages to Antiquity – for history enthusiasts.
    Based in the UK, Voyages to Antiquity is ideal for true intellectuals and connoisseurs of ancient times. It specializes in cruises along historical and cultural routes, ranging from the Mediterranean Sea to the fjords of Norway.
  • Disney Cruise Line – for family adventures.
    It is better to go on a cruise with children on Disney Cruise Line. The company’s fleet includes four liners that have entertainment for adults and children of all ages.
  • Regent Seven Seas’ Explorer – for the most demanding.
    This is where all the luxury is concentrated! The Regent Seven Seas’ Explorer liner is designed for just 750 passengers, but it has the largest number of service personnel compared to similar ones. Czech crystal, marble, filigree gold and a spa room in the largest cabin in liner history – this cruise is truly magnificent!
  • Marella Cruises – for beginners.
    This cruise is perfect for a first experience of sea travel. Marella Cruises is focused on affordable and comfortable cruises for those who want to try something new but are not ready to spend a huge sum.

Planning an Unforgettable Cruise in Europe

If you dream of embarking on a journey that combines the opportunity to admire magnificent views, delve into a rich history and create unforgettable memories, confidently choose cruises in Europe.

Traveling on modern cruise liners can make you forget that you’re at sea and not on land. And the variety of entertainment is so vast that some tourists don’t even feel the desire to disembark and explore the cities along the route.

Cruises have firmly entered the top tourism trends of this year. If you haven’t experienced such a trip yet, it’s time to find an interesting option and plan your adventure.

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Q: Are changes possible in cruise itineraries?

A: Yes, all cruise itineraries can be changed before or during the voyage. Guest safety is the top priority for cruise companies. In case of worsening weather conditions the cruise company staff makes every effort to ensure maximum passenger safety.

Q: How can I stay connected while being in the middle of the sea?

A: Modern liners are equipped with excellent internet devices, and Wi-Fi access is available from any cabin. Recently cruise liners have optimized internet speeds to the point where users don’t have any problems even with video calls.

Q: Can I go on a cruise with stops in different European countries on one visa?

A: Yes, provided that your visa is not restricted to visiting the country that issued the visa. Such restrictions are rare, and the specialists at The Visa Services company always carefully monitor such nuances.

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