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UAE Green Visa

Green Visa is an innovative initiative by the United Arab Emirates that aims to attract skilled employees, freelancers, self-employed individuals, investors, and entrepreneurs. This unique residency program comes with unparalleled benefits, including simplified residence requirements and extended grace periods for those with canceled or expired residence permits.

Experience the Benefits of the UAE Green Visa

  • Sponsor-free Opportunities: Enjoy the freedom to work, invest, or study in the UAE without the need for a sponsor or employer.
  • Extended Residency for Family Members: Secure a brighter future for your loved ones by sponsoring first-degree relatives for a 5-year residency.
  • Flexible Lifestyle & Easy Travel: Experience the ease of traveling within and outside the UAE, thanks to the Green Visa’s flexible entry and exit options.

Eligibility Categories for the UAE Green Visa

The UAE Green Visa is designed to attract exceptional individuals across various fields and sectors. The eligible categories include:

  • Skilled Employees: Applicants must hold a valid employment contract, be classified in the first, second, or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and have a minimum salary of AED 15,000.
  • Freelancing and Self-Employment: Applicants must obtain a freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of
  • Human Resources and Emiratisation, hold a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma, and have an annual income from self-employment for the previous two years of at least AED 360,000 or prove financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE.
  • Investor or Partner: Applicants must receive approval for their investment and provide proof of it. If the investor (partner) has more than one license, the total invested capital will be calculated. Approval from competent local authorities is mandatory.

At The Visa Services, we understand the importance of a seamless and stress-free visa application process. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way, from assessing your eligibility to submitting your application and beyond. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of the UAE’s vibrant future.

Contact us today to learn more about the UAE Green Visa and let us help you unlock a world of possibilities in the dynamic United Arab Emirates.

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