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If you need to apply to the Russian Consulate in the UAE, we recommend contacting us right now. Our specialists will help you make an appointment and gather all the necessary documents, relieving you from unnecessary stress and the need to independently resolve bureaucratic issues.

For the comfortable stay of Russian citizens in the UAE there is a Russian consulate where you can turn to solve various issues related to a specific sphere of life.

Consular Services of the Russian Federation in the UAE:

  • Consular registration
    All citizens of the Russian Federation residing outside the country can voluntarily register at a diplomatic mission or consular office. The registration of Russian citizens consists of recording the contact details provided by the officials, which are used in accordance with the law to ensure the rights, interests and safety of the citizens themselves.
  • Passport issues
    If a Russian citizen needs to obtain a new passport while residing in the Emirates, this can also be done through the consulate.
  • Notarial issues
    One can contact the consulate for the following notarial actions: certifying transactions, confirming the authenticity of signatures on documents or the correctness of translating documents into another language, certifying the fact of a citizen’s presence in a specific location, performing other notarial actions provided by the legislation.
  • Civil Registry Office
    The Consulate is authorized to carry out the state registration of births or deaths, marriage conclusion or dissolution, adoption (guardianship), establishment of paternity, name change. You can also make changes to civil status records, request a duplicate document and obtain other services related to the state registration of civil status acts.
  • Citizenship Gaining
    The Consulate provides support in obtaining citizenship for oneself or children.
  • Pension Provision Issues for Persons Residing Abroad
    Assistance on pension provision issues can be obtained at the consulate. However, it is important to remember that only labor pensions and state pension benefits are transferred abroad. Social pensions are not paid abroad.
  • Maternity Capital Acquisition
    One may be eligible for maternity capital at the birth or adoption of a child. This matter can also be addressed at the Russian consulate in the UAE.
  • Document Legalization
    Legalization is a confirmation that a document originating from a state authority or drafted with the participation of these authorities complies with the legislation of that state. Legalization involves certifying the authenticity of the signature of the official who signed the document and the seal of the authorized state body. This process can also be carried out at the consulate.
  • Return Certificate Issuance
    The Consulate of the Russian Federation in the UAE issues a temporary document certifying the identity of a Russian citizen and granting the right to enter (return) to the Russian Federation.
  • Travel Permit Acquisition for Minor Russian Citizens Leaving Russia
    The consulate is authorized to process consent/ dissent forms for the departure of minor citizens of the Russian Federation.
  • Deregistration of Russian Citizens in Russia
    In the consular section of the Embassy in Abu Dhabi you can get consent for deregistration from the registration records in the Russian Federation notarized by an authorized person.
  • Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate
    At the consulate you can also obtain a certificate of absence (or presence) of a criminal record within the territory of the Russian Federation (Police Clearance Certificate). The certificate is issued free of charge based on the information obtained from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, immediately in English and Russian. The processing time is on average two weeks.

Seeking assistance at the Russian Consulate in Dubai and collecting the necessary documents may pose difficulties, especially if you are facing such a requirement for the first time.

The specialists at The Visa Services company understand the importance of support in such matters and are always ready to provide it to the customers.


Is it mandatory to schedule an appointment at the embassy in advance?

Yes, visitors are only seen by appointment at the embassy

Can I get my passport via the embassy?

Yes, you can. The passport is processed within three months from the date of application submission

How can I make an appointment at the Russian Embassy in Dubai?

At the first stage you will need to submit an application on the official website, after which you will receive a notification via email with a link to schedule an appointment. However, you can simplify the process by contacting The Visa Services specialists. We will not only schedule an appointment on a day convenient for you but also assist with collecting the necessary documents to address your query

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